Our Company

Elevate Brands was established in 2009 to build a family of brands that promote solutions for responsible living. We design our own products in-house and sell them to mass retailers and department stores. With over fifteen years of experience designing and selling consumer products, we are committed to a smarter, better way of doing things.

Having been in the consumer products business since 1994, we know first hand that the choices we make at every step of the process make an impact on the environment. We know that it is possible to find solutions that are ethical and planet-friendly. We also know that our customers appreciate convenience and affordability. Sustainable practices coupled with honoring our customers’ values is what Elevate Brands is all about.

We think of the Earth as a single organism. We are all connected and we are all in this together. It is imperative that we work toward protecting our natural resources and promoting awareness of responsible solutions to our impact on the environment. Our survival depends on it. When we make Earth-friendly products, we not only minimize waste in the manufacturing process, we also give our customers the chance to make a difference by choosing green alternatives for their daily needs. And by using our products, customers can let others know of their commitment to a healthy planet. With Elevate Brands, we can all do our part.